Our intellectual property

intellectual property right

Science and technology are No.1 productive forces 

    Always tech-minded, we have heavily invested in building a pioneering "Sci-tech R&D Center" for the industry. With an area of nearly 3,000 square meters, this center has six major parts:

       1.Home Science and Technology Exhibition Room;

       2.Applied Technology Laboratory;

       3.Yun Wu Heng Science and Technology Experience Hall;

       4.Comfortable Housekeeper R&D Management Center;

       5. Feiyi Software Development Center;

       6.Science and Technology Training Classroom.

       which not only supports the development of Meijing, but also sets the direction for the development of industry technologies.

     As to intellectual property construction, after years of efforts, we have applied for and owned more than 700 trademarks, obtained nearly 20 national patents and owned the copyright of more than 20 publications.



The main trademark of Meijing has been widely acknowledged by the media and society owing to its high reputation and has been accredited as "famous trademark of Sichuan Provence" by Sichuan Administration for Industry and Commerce.



These patents are regarded as guidance of installation work, which help lower risks despite they are not great inventions. Accordingly, it has been proved that how sincere we are to our work and customers in detail.

Our company has published various product manuals、maintenance manuals and collection of drawings which sums up common know-how and problems of the system comprehensively. These are fruits of wisdom of our company and has provided professional summery of knowledge points and discussions for the industry.