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Talent development

  • MEIJING School
    In order to meet the development needs of Meijing Group's operation, management and corporate culture, Meijing School was established. It is an upgraded solution to the five major problems of "decentralization, disorder, erroneousness, overlapping and missing" weighing on the previous four-level training mechanism.
    Meijing School is a non-administrative and independent training institution set up by Meijing Group. Its faculty is made up by the group leadership and all staff are its students.
    Business teaching, knowledge management and personnel assistance are its three major missions.
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  • Business teaching:
    Harmonization: Harmonize the whole group's business theories and practices.
    Training: Foster well-trained professionals keyed to the needs of the group's businesses.
    Training: Teaching itself is also a good way to learn, and can promote the ability of the teachers, namely the leadership.
    Inheritance: Inherit the corporate culture of Meijing Group.
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  • Knowledge management:
    Knowledge: New industry technology and knowledge from manufacturers, suppliers, markets, institutions, design institutes and other organizations.
    Experience: Reasonable suggestions from employees and customers.
    Lessons: Major accidents and customer complaints of general significance.
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