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    Shushi Mall, a subsidiary of Meijing Group, is a one-stop smart and comfortable home service platform designed for comfortable home dealers and consumers nationwide.

    Inspired by three core values of product and technology output, brand and management support, installation and service training certification, Shushi Mall aims to help comfortable home dealers nationwide with further development, and provide consumers with a complete set of solutions from products, design and installation to maintenance for home heating, central air conditioning, water treatment and fresh air systems.

    Supported and managed by the operation center and service center of the headquarters, it has established three direct-sale demonstration stores and twenty-two franchise stores, and developed more than 100 close-knit partners in Sichuan. Moreover, it also has an operation center, a direct-sale demonstration store, six franchise stores, and dozens of industry partners in Guizhou.

    Relying on the comfortable home industry leader Meijing Comfortable Home and its own ever-expanding platform, Shushi Mall takes charge of the national promotion of system products, software products and service brands for the headquarters' "four systems", namely, the "Comfortable Housekeeper" smart home system, the "Meijing Feiyi" software group, the "Meijing Smart Door and Window" product range and the "Xiaoqiaojiang" installation service system.

    Shushi Mall aspires to a nationwide smart and comfortable home platform.

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