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    Meijing Warmer, a subsidiary of Meijing Group, is a professional company undertaking commercial HVAC and home project businesses from project customers. So far, it has obtained many qualifications like Professional Contracting of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Construction (Second Class), Professional Contracting of Fire Facilities Engineering Construction (Second Class), and engineering design qualification, etc. Its main services include equipment sales, installation, and repair & maintenance for comfortable home systems such as central heating system, central air conditioning system, central water treatment system and central fresh air system.

    Meijing Warmer has offered services for a large number of project customers. Among others, Longey, Greenland, Country Garden, Wanhua, Huashang, New Hope, Desun, Zhongde Real Estate, Palm Springs, BRC and Huayi are its long-term large and medium-sized real estate developer partners in many projects including: He Jin Yuan, Chengdu Huashang Financial Center, Jiangyou Country Garden, Luxelakes Eco-city, Chongqing Palm Springs, Chengdu Palm Springs, Contemporary Puyu , British Ville, ICON Cloud, Yinghui Tianxi, Huayi Chenju  … It also participated in many hospital projects such as Chongqing Aier General Hospital, Aier Eye Hospital (Chengdu), Aba Prefecture People's Hospital; hotel projects such as Chengdu Jinli Hotel, Pretty Tianfu Hotel, Lhasa XueYa Hotel, Rangtang Xiangladongji Hotel in Aba Prefecture ; and office building projects such as the State Guest Headquarters of Chengdu Industry Investment, the living area of Yingxiu and Gengda power stations, office building of DEB Custom, etc. It also participated in a number of public projects including: Yibin high-speed railway station, Chengdu Metro Line 2 Project, Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions Dujiangyan Sanatorium, Chengdu Military Region Project; and many special projects including: Chengdu Daci Temple, Baoguo Temple at Emei Mountain, Xichang Lingshan Temple, Ganzi Baiyun Temple, etc.  

    Meijing Warmer has more than 20 years of rich experience and its own construction and installation team. Under the slogan of "being professional, reliable and more trustworthy", it is committed to becoming a professional, powerful and reliable HVAC project enterprise.

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