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Smart Doors and Windows


    Years of practice in heating, air conditioning and fresh air services makes us realize the fact that ordinary doors and windows in building envelope structures suffer many disadvantages such as poor quality, high energy consumption, insufficient sealing performance, high safety risks, etc. It's especially true for some old buildings. Mainly due to the then technologies and developers' single-minded pursuit of low costs, such problems as single-layer glass, plastic profiles without steel lining and low safety factor of balcony packaging are very prominent; the market is calling for high-quality, nice-looking and safe doors and windows that are heat-, sound-, wind- and water-proof.

    Plus there is no IoT-based smart technology that enables multi-system cooperation in managing door and window systems. Therefore, the market opens up business opportunities for smart doors and windows.

    Our Smart Doors and Windows business aims to develop scenario-based smart door and window systems by combining high quality, high safety and high energy saving with ICC-based IoT technology.