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    At present, smart home is in its boom years, but suppliers of different products in the industry are still highly independent, and systems cannot be interconnected or coordinated with each other; smart home is still in the transition from mechanical control to electric control, and there is quite a long way to go to achieve intelligent control. On the basis, we believe that scenario-based intelligent control is the development direction of the next stage.

    Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Cloud Control (ICC) technologies and various scientific and technological systems that manage users' homes in a centralized and coordinated way, our Smart Home involves a series of smart home software and hardware systems that can achieve the personalized and scenario-based operation of users' homes whilst realizing the purposes of convenience and energy saving, so as to improve comfortable life quality for our users.

    So far, our Smart Home business mainly includes our self-developed "Comfortable Housekeeper" smart home system. Now, this system can coordinate the functions of five comfortable home modules and four smart home modules, and can also allow smart learning based on big data AI, smart scenario setting and personalized customization. Among others, the smart management comfortable home system is the key part that can upgrade the basic needs of most users for smart home systems.

    In addition, our Smart Home business has introduced America's CRESTRON overall solution and Europe's KNX-protocol-based comfortable housekeeping smart solution, and can provide personalized customization for large floor plans and comprehensively improve the technological sophistication of users' homes.