Our talent

Talent development

  • ※Put people first:

    1.For a company, people are the root and talent is the bedrock;
    2.For a company, the success lies in the talent, and the talent is offered opportunities to realize their full potential from a company’s success;
    3.Making employees work smoothly and happily is the important value of a company.

  • ※Talent development:

    1.Take the initiative to seek and attract more innovative and better talent;
    2.Train and foster the existing talent pool;
    3.The improvement in talent's capacities is the original driving force of the development of a company.

  • ※ Talent principles:

    1.Discourage nepotism.
    2.Select honest and sincere talent of integrity.
    3.Select talent dealing with people and things in a rational manner, and having a sound family relationship and good health.
    4.Select talent having the same or similar values.
    5.Select talent who is insightful, has career plans and doesn't follow the crowd; talent who has ambition and dream and doesn't put profit first.
    6.Select talent who is honest, kind and caring.
    7.Select talent who has ability, potential and applicable advantages.

  • ※Other principles:

    1.Give first place to selection and use training cultivation as a supplementary;
    2.Know talent's limits