Who We Are



Time Axis

  • In 1998, Meijing Group was founded

    in the name of "Meijing Building Materials"

  • which specialized in the sales and services of sanitary wares and home water heaters

  • In 2002, Meijing Warmer was established

    marking that Meijing Group abandoned

  • sanitary ware business and started strategic transformation

  • Hot water business was introduced

    In 2008
  • Quality was established as the fundamental principle,

    and home central air conditioning business was introduced

  • the direct purchase business of main equipment from Europe was launched, introducing more advanced equipment through centralized and scale purchase and more leading technologies

  • In 2010, Meijing Group was divided into two brands, Meijing Warmer and Meijing Comfortable Home

    "Meijing Warmer" started brand transformation, shifting its focus to HVAC project;
    the brand of "Meijing Comfortable Home" was established, focusing on home retail business

  • Water equipment business was introduced

    In 2013
  • Indoor air treatment business was launched

    In 2017
  • In 2017, the pattern comprised of "one axis and two wings" was formed

    with home retail brand "Meijing Comfortable Home" as the axis,
    HVAC project brand "Meijing Warmer" as one wing,
    and national platform business brand "Shushi Mall" as the other wing

  • The brand of Shushi Mall was established, starting smart and comfortable home platform business in Sichuan

    Meijing Comfortable Home's retail business started pricing sales

    In 2018
  • HVAC project business gained in strength through undertaking many large- and medium-sized projects, opening a new chapter in HVAC project business

    In 2019
  • In 2019, the pattern comprised of a headquarters and three subsidiaries was formed

    The headquarters of Meijing Group was set up, consisting of Administrative Personnel Center,
    Financial Audit Center, Operation Management Center and Technology R&D Center
    Meijing Group consolidated its three brands, Meijing Comfortable Home, Meijing Warmer and Shushi Mall, and established three subsidiaries

  • Shushi Mall Guizhou Center was established, marking the official rollout of Meijing business in Guizhou

    Meijing Group invested tens of millions of yuan to build a "Sci-tech R&D Center". It consists of six parts:
    1. Home Science and Technology Exhibition Room
    2. Applied Technology Laboratory
    3. Yun Wu Heng Science and Technology Experience Hall
    4. Comfortable Housekeeper R&D Management Center
    5. Feiyi Software Development Center
    6. Science and Technology Training Classroom

    Doors and windows business was introduced, making high-quality smart doors and windows a new development direction



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